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As a 501(c)3 organization, Our Mother’s Home raises 50 – 60% of its own funding, to provide teen moms a supporting environment to stay with their children, learn life skills, and finish their education. We depend heavily on our dedicated volunteers, contributions of funds, commodities and services. Our success rate has generated great interest among those interested in decreasing the rate of children in foster care

Our Mother’s Home provides a safe and nurturing environment for young moms (ages 11-21) in foster care and their babies. Prior to the launch of Our Mother’s Home in 2000, teenage mothers in foster care were often separated from their child at birth. This unique home is the only one of it’s kind in Southwest Florida to provide service to break the cycle one teen at a time.

Our Mission

To empower young mothers in the foster care and human trafficking systems to break the generational cycle for themselves and their children.

Our Vision

A world of independent women who believe in themselves to accomplish their dreams.

Our Values

Partnerships:  Working together and with our community to promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Leadership:  Guiding the way to more positive outcomes through diverse paths.

Accountability:  Embracing the responsibility we have for our choices and actions.

Compassion:  Caring for mothers and their children with love and respect, so that they may thrive.

Education:  Empowering women and children with the knowledge to create a future filled with hope and possibilities.


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Our Press Release

Our Mother’s Home Awarded $110,000 from Lowe’s Hometowns 100 to Renovate Our New Transitional Living Home.

FORT MYERS, Fla. (DATE, 2023) – Our Mother’s Home of Southwest Florida (OMH) has received a significant grant of $110,000, selected as one of 100 community projects across the U.S. as part of Lowe’s Hometowns program. The grant will be instrumental in funding the necessary renovations of a transitional living home to help teenage mothers and their children in the foster care and human trafficking systems.
As the company’s largest-ever community impact program, Lowe’s Hometowns is a five-year, $100 million commitment from Lowe’s to rebuild and revitalize community spaces nationwide. Our Mother’s Home was among the 100 projects chosen across 41 states and Washington, D.C., to receive funding in order to make a meaningful impact in their communities. Last year, more than 1.4 million people benefitted from Lowe’s Hometowns projects.
“Our Mother’s Home is deeply grateful for this generous grant from Lowe’s and the impact it will have on helping these young mothers and their babies who rely on our services,” said Alicia Miller, executive director of Our Mother’s Home. “This funding will make our vision of transitional housing a reality, providing a more comfortable and nurturing environment for the mothers as they work to become independent adults.”
The grant will help complete comprehensive renovations of a new transitional living space within a home OMH purchased last year. The building had not been used in five years and requires extensive renovations to be suitable as a residence for young mothers and their children. The project will focus on transforming the second-floor space into three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and dining area, to house 18- to 21-year-old moms and their babies as they can continue using resources and services and transition to independent adulthood.
Renovations will include the installation of new flooring, drywall, window treatments and light fixtures. Bathrooms will be fully renovated with new fixtures and lighting. In addition, the kitchen will be upgraded with new cabinets, a cooktop and modern appliances. Lowe’s will host a “Red Vest Day” as part of its 100 Hometowns, where employees will come out to volunteer with painting, furniture assembly and other final touches to the new space.
Our Mother’s Home helps young mothers ages 11 to 21 in the foster care system by providing a safe and nurturing environment to stay with their children, learn life skills and finish their education. Since its launch in 2000, more than 400 mothers and children have benefited from OMH’s Mentored Living Program and its success to preserve families, transition young mothers to self-sufficiency and save children’s lives by avoiding their re-entry into foster care.
To learn more about Our Mother’s Home and its mission, visit OurMothersHome.org

About Our Mother’s Home of Southwest Florida

Our Mother’s Home (OMH) was founded in 2000 by Helen Coppage, a foster parent who saw the need for a dedicated residential program to allow teenage mothers and their babies to remain together as mother and child. The organization provides a safe environment and transition for teen mothers ages 11 to 21 and their children from foster care and human trafficking to stable, happy, and productive lives by providing a nurturing home, education and parenting support, along with physical, mental and spiritual care. Since its launch, more than 400 mothers and children have benefited from Our Mother’s Home Mentored Living Program, successfully preserving families, transitioning young mothers to self-sufficiency, and saving the lives of children by avoiding their re-entry into foster care. This unique home is the only one of its kind in Southwest Florida. For more information, call 239-267-4663 or visit OurMothersHome.org.

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