Our Mother’s Home provides a safe, nurturing environment for young moms in foster care (ages 11-21) and their babies.
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Where children are cherished and futures are fostered.
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It’s not how much we give,
but how much we put into giving.
- Mother Theresa

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About Us

As a privatized 501(c)3 organization, Our Mother’s Home raises 50 – 60% of its own funding, to provide teen moms a supporting environment to stay with their children, learn life skills, and finish their education. We depend heavily on our dedicated volunteers, contributions of funds, commodities and services. Our success rate has generated great interest among those interested in decreasing the rate of children in foster care.

Our Mother’s Home provides a safe and nurturing environment for young moms (ages 11-21) in foster care and their babies. Prior to the launch of Our Mother’s Home in 2000, teenage mothers in foster care were often separated from their child at birth. This unique home is the only one of it’s kind in Southwest Florida to provide service to break the cycle one teen at a time.

Our Mission

To empower young mothers in the foster care and human trafficking systems to break the generational cycle for themselves and their children.

Our Vision

A world of independent women who believe in themselves to accomplish their dreams.

Our Values

Our Mothers Home is a:

Partnerships, with our community to promote wellbeing

Leadership, that includes diverse discussions that lead to better decisions and outcomes

Accountability, to move forward and be the best we can be

Compassion, with a desire to help mothers and their children grow and thrive

Education, making the future full of endless possibilities that Inspires!     

Our Annual Contributors

Our Community Partners