2023 Vision

The Vision For Our New Home

Our Mother’s Home has a 2-year vision to fulfill a need that’s long overdue.

The question we are most often asked is “what happens when our teen moms turn 18?”

Currently, we have one small room reserved for our residents when they turn 18, as they are no longer allowed to share a room or bathroom once they legally become adults. However, our mission is to empower our teen moms and we simply are not doing them justice by having no transitional living space.

When our residents turn 18, they are seeking long-awaited independence.

While they may not be completely ready to be on their own financially, emotionally, and mentally, they often opt to leave Our Mother’s Home simply because our current transitional living situation is not ideal for true independence. They still must share all amenities (kitchen, living, dining, etc.) with the under 18 residents and they do not have access to leave the home without passing through our administrative offices.

Our capital campaign will allow us to better accommodate the mothers (ages 11-17) enrolled in our mentored living program, along with adding transitional living space and services dedicated to residents who are ages 18-21. 

Capital Campaign Residential Room

By offering our young mothers more time with access to our resources while transitioning into a life of independence, they'll have a much better opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and foster care for themselves and their babies.

We want every mother and child who comes through our doors to be successful. That’s why our new building will incorporate a larger Educational Center so that our programs like group parenting, relationship therapy, tutoring, ages and stages, etc. will have the most potential to be successful and include up-to-date technology so that our residents can thrive. We also plan to have a daycare facility that separates itself from the shared living area so that our residents can focus on their education and our babies have the best adolescent developmental conditions.

Interested in Helping Us Make this Vision a Reality?

Below are some sponsorship opportunities, but we are also looking for support in the form of knowledge, so if you, or someone you know, is in the building industry and can help us get a major renovation underway, please contact Alicia Miller at 239-267-4663.

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