Marin Asher

Vice President

Marin serves as the Marketing & Communications Manager at Margaritaville Beach Resort Fort Myers Beach, leveraging over two decades of industry expertise to promote the region she loves dearly.

With a background rooted in digital marketing, Marin’s passion extends beyond her professional endeavors. She finds solace and inspiration in the vibrant landscapes of Southwest Florida, expressing herself through painting and photography. Marin’s love for exploration transcends into her personal life, where she, alongside her husband, tweenage daughter, and their beloved boxer Kona, embarks on adventures along the coastline aboard their boat.

However, Marin’s commitment reaches beyond her own pursuits. Since 2015, she has served as the President of the Board of Directors for Our Mother’s Home of Southwest Florida, demonstrating a deep-seated dedication to empowering young women in her community. Through her leadership, Marin works tirelessly to break the generational cycle for young mothers in the foster care and human trafficking systems, providing them with the support and resources necessary for success.

Originally hailing from Michigan, Marin found her home in Southwest Florida in 2002. Her unwavering dedication to her work, family, and community mirrors the ethos of Margaritaville—where every day presents an opportunity to spread positivity and create lasting change. When not working or volunteering, Marin can be found snorkeling or capturing breathtaking moments on the water with her family, further immersing herself in the beauty of her surroundings.