Meet Sean

Sean arrived at Our Mother’s Home as an infant diagnosed with “failure to thrive” syndrome from lack of nurturing.  Sean and his mother, a victim of Human Trafficking, had been separated for eleven months; she was forced to work the fields while baby Sean laid swaddled on a wooden palette.  When they were reunited at Our Mother’s Home, Sean was 21 months old, but functioned only at the level of a 6 month.

He would not respond to external stimulation, nor would he smile or interact with us.  He was unable to swallow properly and suffered from severe epilepsy (seizures) and asthma.  Within months at Our Mother’s Home, Sean began to thrive, receiving the physical and speech therapy he so desperately needed to save his life. His doctors/specialists were amazed at his progress.

Now he rolls over, has discovered his hands and feet and responds to his name. He has a contagious laugh and a magnetic smile. The staff at Our Mother’s Home has worked tirelessly to rehabilitate Sean while his mother learns to do the same.

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