Meet Shay

When Shay arrived at Our Mother’s Home, she was 17 years old and a few weeks pregnant.  She suffered from PTSD, depression and anxiety as a result of being raped. She also had partial hearing loss and a learning disability.

She had been in several foster homes and had been abused.  She was traumatized, had no consistent home or support system and was failing in school.  The Department of Children and Families had deemed her unfit to care for her baby and planned to take the baby into custody after birth.

Her past had made her leery of anyone offering help, but while living at Our Mother’s Home, she attended therapy and participated in the Mentor Living Program.  Shay gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and completed the Nurturing Parent Program while maintaining a B average in school.

Now 18 years old, she has maintained custody of her daughter and continues to demonstrate positive parenting skills.

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