Viodelka Moreira

Executive Director

Viodelka Moreira, also known as “V”, was born in Panama and came to the United States when she was one years old and was raised in Manhattan, New York.  Viodelka attended Norman Thomas High School, majoring in Secretarial Studies. Upon graduation she worked for several law firms for several years but did not feel fulfilled.  She enrolled in a program called Building Educated Leaders for Life and, upon completion, began tutoring in the public school system.  Viodelka knew this was her calling! She decided to go back to school, earning her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at The City College of New York.  During this time, she worked as a teacher with children aged 6 weeks to 5 years old.  Once graduating, she went back to The City College of New York, earning  her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and graduating with honors.  Viodelka’s first director position included opening a school in the South Bronx, working with children, and hiring staff.  During this time, she also earned her NYS Teaching Certification.

After leaving that position, she continued to move up in her career, ultimately becoming a Director of Early Childhood Education and overseeing four schools on the Upper West Side, where she conducted professional development, mentored teaching staff, worked closely with funders, and created several partnerships.  During this time, she also became a foster mom to two girls, aged 7 and 10, for one year prior to the reunion with their biological mother.

During the COVID-19 shutdown in New York, Viodelka decided to relocate to Florida, where she then became the Executive Director of Our Mother’s Home.